Thursday 28 January 2010

the children s suitcase library

“The children s suitcase library” is a project created by me and few friends. We provided art and educational materials and delivered art-based workshops in India and Africa. We worked to promote cultural exchanges between schools in U.K. and the communities we worked with abroad.

In my last trip in India I used 50 disposable expired cameras on e-bay and used them to create a project with the children of a slum in Chandigarh, Punjab. The kids were shown how to use a simple disposable camera (something than some of those kids had never ever had in their hands before!) and set them a task of showing the world through their eyes.

The kids produced lots of fantastic and surprising photographs that will form the basis of an exhibition to raise awareness of the lives of street kids in India and create opportunities for exchange projects with UK. The project generated a large amount of press and media attention.

I think this method can be used as example to show how art and creativity can bring together kids from different backgrounds.


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